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compositions are live improg by Alexei Pliousnine 

full MONOXPOM album consists of 10 CDRs and available to download through or 

recorded 2011-2012 at Aposition studio in St.Petersburg, Russia 

MONOXPOM is a solo project for prepared guitar by Alexei Pliousnine. His technique of playing the instrument is a result of several years of experiments influenced by such masters of the guitar as Keith Rowe and Fred Frith. 
Alexei does not use any electronics and all effects are pursued merely by hand and a whole arsenal of rods made of glass, wood and metal, as well as other unexpected objects. It makes performances by MONOXPOM very attractive and intriguing. 
Alexei calls his genre of music Improg, derived from improvisation and progressive rock. MONOXPOM performance is always live spontaneous improvisation. Yet the music is well structured and very picturesque. Sometimes it sounds like a soundtrack to a movie. 
The style is close to minimalism, microtonal music, with elements of ambient noise and even minimal techno. One can recognize the motives of the Russian North and church bells, African rhythms and discipline of Chinese or Japanese theatrical tradition or even aggressive black metal and drone. 
If we put it in terms of fine art, conventional guitar playing is classical realist painting, while MONOXPOM is abstractionism, cubism or surrealism. 
Alexei’s improvisations are often inspired by science fiction, fantasy, or movies. 

Throughout his career Alexei performed with Peter Brotzman, Famoudou Don Moye, Patti Smith, Brian Godding, Carlos Zingaro, David Murray, Keith Rowe, Phill Niblock, Shelley Hirsch, Burton Greene, Raymond Boni, Yanka Diaghileva, Egor Letov, Sergey Letov, Nick Rock’n’roll, Vlad CPC, Gary Lucas, Henry Kaiser, Soren Runolf, Dror Feiler, Daniel Carter, Borah Bergman, Lukas Ligeti, Frank London, Jon Raskin, Gino Robair, Damon Smith, Marco Enieidi, Lou Grassi, Charles Gayle, Tim Hodgkinson, Jacques Di Donato, Хavier Charles, Didier Lasserre, Christian Brazier, James Fei, Mola Sylla, Rob Schwimmer, Tom Buckner, Peter Principle, Dok Gregory, Tim Hodgkinson, Dmitry Kahovskij, Pierre Moerlen, Sam Nacht, Sabir Mateen, Chris Corsano, Jasun Martz and many others. 


1. Land Of Queen Mod

2. Julia Set

3. Kosta’mojan

4. Species 8472

5. Murasaki 3.12

6. 93rd

7. Chin’toka System

8. Бегущая По Волнам

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