Number: 23620

Label: Bomba-Piter, Gallery of Classical Music, 2005.
Weight: 90 г.
Short description: Jewel box.

"Champagne for the soul"
One of the most beautiful suburbs of Saint-Petersburg - Pavlovsk is well known for its majestic sights. But not all of the people know that there was an extraordinary railway station, which was connected with history of the first railway in Russia and also was the cultural centre of entertainment and relaxation. There was a restaurant and a big concert hall, which was full of music and joy in its best times.
Unfortunately, during the Great Patriotic War the building of Pavlovsk' Vauxhall (that is the name of station in Russian, which came from London) was destroyed. But it is impossible to destroy music, and in spite of different culture and mentality changes it is still alive and remains making our hearts joyful. High society Romanism of the XIX century is really deep, but it is also light, melodic and festive. Waltzes by Strauss - this Austrian dandy, airy as a souffle, are able to fascinate anyone, even if it is the most inveterate cynic. Waltz-Fantasy by Glinka, Rubinstein's Melody, Nocturne by Tchaikovsky - are the best examples of Russian "high society Romanism", which is more passionate and less serene, but still the as inspirational as the European one.
Disk also contains some compositions written by Labitsky - very fb amous conductor and composer at that time. His popularity yield to the King of Waltzes - Johann Strauss. He often came to Pavlovsk to perform his compositions and works of other famous musicians.
Music of Pavlovsky' Station - is like champagne for the soul. It was written and performed with pleasure and there is no matter that it is in "declining years" - it is still young and can give contemporary music a start of years.



1. Mikhail Glinka. Waltz-Fantasy (Pavlovsk Waltz)
2. Josef Gungle. March.
3. Josef Gungle. Polka.
4. Josef Labitzky. Idyll.
5. Flexander Alyabiev. Overture To Ther Vaudeville "Morning And Evening"
6. Alexander dargomyzhsky. Kossak dance.
7. Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Nocturne.
8. Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Humoresque.
9. Anton Rubinstein. Melody.
10. Johann Strauss. March Of The Cavalry Guards.
11. Johann Strauss. Polka "The Neva"
12. Johann Strauss. Waltz "Farewell To Petersburg"

The Peterhoff orchestra, conductor Leo Korkhin.
Alla Aranovskaya and Igor Romanyuk - violins (4)
Leonid Gorokhov - cello (7,9)

Sound Engeneer - Felix Gurji.
Recorded by Petersburg Recording Studio, 1990.

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