Бренд: Leo Records
Номер: 36643
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Издательство: Leo Records, 2009.

Вес: 90 г.

Краткое описание:
Jewel box, 6-страничный буклет-раскладушка. Диск произведен в Англии.

1. Quverture Bach
2. Courante Bach
3. Gavotte 1 Bach
4. Gavotte 2 Bach
5. Gavotte 1 Da Capo
6. Passpied 1 Bach
7. Passpied 2 Bach
8. Passpied 1 Da Capo Bach
9. Sarabanda Bach
10. Bourre'e 1 Bach
11. Bourre'e 2 Bach
12. Bourre'e 1 Da Capo Bach
13. Gigue Bach
14. Echo Bach
15. Advance To The Past_ Bach
16. Part 1 Allegro Moderato Mozart
17. Part 2 Andante Cantabile Mozart
18. Part 3 Allegretto Mozart

Some 30 years ago Guyvoronsky had a dream that Mozart and himself had been drinking wine and confessed their love for music. Mozart encouraged Guyvoronsky to take one of his piano sonatas and compose two more parts. Guyvoronsky did this and recorded the piece. Later on he used the same approach to Bach's French Partita which was written for clavier. Guyvoronsky composed the parts for voice, accordion, flute, bass and trumpet and recorded this as well. That's why the title of the CD is Interventions into Bach and Mozart.
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