Olesya Rostovskaya – What Peter The Great Heard From The Carillon Tower

Number: 42291

"The Tsar and Great Prince of Moscow arrived incognito on the morning of August 8-th last" (extract from the Church records of the Zaandam Evangelical Society)
While traveling in Flanders in last years of the 17-th century, Tsar Peter I was enchanted by the sound of the carillon. When he returned to Russia he brought several instruments with him and so began the Russian tradition of the carillon.
In this historical-artistic reconstruction you will find a march and chants of Tsar Peter I reign the Flemish and Russian folksongs, music written by Vasiliy Titov - the first court composer of Tsar Peter I and even one music piece written personally by Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible.


1. March Of The Preobrazhenskiy Regiment/ Марш Преображенского полка (Composed By – Anon) 1:59
2. Rejoice O Russian Land, Rejoice And Triumph!/ Радуйся, Росско земле, ликуй, веселися! (Composed By – Anon) 2:52
3. There Was A Tomtit Living, Modestly Across The Sea/ За морем синичка непышно жила (Composed By – Anon) 1:28
4. Live Long, Thee Who Drink!/ Здравствуй, тот кто пьёт! (Composed By – Anon) 1:51
5. If I Will Find You/ Если я тебя найду (Composed By [XVI c.] – Anon) 2:13
6. The Carillon Of Duynkerke/ Карильон из Дейнкерке (Composed By – Flemish Folksong) 1:09
7. Who Sails With Us/ Кто плывёт с нами (Composed By – Flemish Folksong) 1:58
8. The Knife-Grinder/ Тележка точильщика ножей (Composed By – Flemish Folksong) 1:00
9. Give Something For The Rommelpot/ Подайте за игру на роммельпоте (Composed By – Flemish Folksong) 1:52
10. Fire In Mokum/ Пожар в Мокуме (Composed By – Flemish Folksong) 1:14
11. Annemarieke/ Аннемарике (Composed By – Flemish Folksong) 2:15
12. Menuet A Moll (Composed By – Johann Krieger) 1:41
13. Gavotte G dur (Composed By – Johann Christoph Graupner) 1:48
14. Tambourin/ Тамбурин (Composed By – Joost Boutmy) 2:20
15. Sticheron For The Icon Of Our Lady Of Vladimir/ Стихира на Сретение Владимирской иконы Божией Матери (Composed By – Иван Грозный) 5:28
16. Kaleda-Maleda/ Калёда-малёда (Composed By [Play-Song Of Russian Peasants] – Unknown Artist) 1:09
17. A Swan Was A-Swimming In The Sea/ Лебёдушка в море плыла (Composed By [Play-Song Of Russian Peasants] – Unknown Artist)
18. Little Grey Hare, Dance, Little Grey Hare, Prance/ Заинька, попляши, серенький, поскачи (Composed By [Play-Song Of Russian Peasants] – Unknown Artist) 0:57
19. Once I Brewed A Heady Beer/ Как я пива хмельна наварила (Composed By [Play-Song Of Russian Peasants] – Unknown Artist) 2:00
20. Thick Are The Leaves On The Birch-Tree/ А и густо на берёзе листьё (Composed By [Play-Song Of Russian Peasants] – Unknown Artist) 2:24
21. We Were A-Sieving Millet/ А мы просо сеяли (Composed By [Play-Song Of Russian Peasants] – Unknown Artist) 1:25
22. To You, Yahweh, I Call/ Господи, к Тебе слезно воззываю (Composed By – Vasiliy Titov) 1:58
23. I Was the Youngest Among My Brethren / Я был меньший между братьями моими (Composed By – Vasiliy Titov) 4:15
24. I Will Extol Thee/ Превознесу Тебя, Сущий в небеси (Composed By – Vasiliy Titov) 1:23
25. Long Life Wishes/ Многолетие (Composed By – Vasiliy Titov) 1:43

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