Olesya Rostovskaya, Dmitry Grinikh – The Organ In A Russian Home

Number: 42294

It is generally believed that organ music appeared in Russia about 150 years ago with the opening of the conservatoires in St Petersburg and Moscow. Friedrich Ladegast’s organ, which was used on this CD and is believed to be the oldest surviving organ in Russia, dates back to that era. In reality it was not merely 150 years but, rather, a thousand years ago that organ music entered Russia culture together with other forms of Byzantine art.


1. Ceremonial Music Of The Byzantine Emperors (Composed By – Olesya Rostovskaya) 3:06
2. Alla Trinita Beata (Composed By – Anon. 15c. Italian*) 0:32
3. Saltarello From The Tuscan Manuscript (Composed By – Anon. 15c.*) 1:04
4. Almande (Composed By [Susanne van Soldt’s Klavierboek] – Susanne van Soldt) 1:47
5. Almande Prynce (Composed By [Susanne van Soldt’s Klavierboek] – Susanne van Soldt) 1:49
6. Variations On Ach Du Feiner Reiter (Composed By – Samuel Scheidt) 1:45
7. Menuet (Composed By – Johann Krieger) 1:18
8. Bourree (Composed By – Johann Krieger) 0:45
9. Menuet From Les Plaisirs de Versailles (Composed By – Marc Antoine Charpentier) 1:03
10. Polonoise From Singende Muse Am Der Pleiße (Composed By – Sperontes) 0:50
11. Aria Of Papageno From The Magic Flute (Composed By – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) 3:16
12. Prelude And Fugue BWV 559 (Composed By – Johann Sebastian Bach) 2:52
13. Fugue (Composed By – Mikhail Ivanovich Glinka) 2:42
14. Priere Sans Paroles (Composed By – Vladimir Odoevsky) 4:37
15. Innocent Sincerity (Composed By – Cesar Cui) 1:10
16. Spanish Marionettes (Composed By – Cesar Cui) 1:09
17. A Timid Confession (Composed By – Cesar Cui) 2:13
18. Prelude -pastoral From The Russian Album (Composed By – Anatoly Liadov) 2:56
19. Great Litany From Liturgia Domestica (Composed By – Alexander Gretchaninov) 2:36
20. Supplication Litany From Liturgia Domestica (Composed By – Alexander Gretchaninov) 5:12
21. Choral In G (Composed By – Olesya Rosto) 5:32

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